Novelty Cali Tin Designs! Get paid for sharing!

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Get paid for sharing

Know someone that may want to purchase some novelty designs? Share us on your social media, when people click the link and purchase you make commission.

Even better than that, the customer is assigned to you for life. Every time they purchase you will earn commission.

When the commissions amount to £50, for commissions older than 30 days, you'll be automatically paid out via PayPal.


What you make on every purchase

ProductPack sizeYour commission (including Sales Tax and VAT)
Tin stickers only8 sets£0.07
Tin stickers only40 sets£0.38
Tin stickers only72 sets£0.57
Tin stickers only288 sets£2.35
Tin stickers only1000 sets£5.85
Stickers and tins8 sets£0.29
Stickers and tins40 sets (most commonly sold)£1.17
Stickers and tins72 sets£1.54
Stickers and tins288 sets£2.62
Stickers and tins1000 sets£4.60
Just tins60 sets£1.01
Just tins120 sets (most commonly sold box)£1.55
Just tins180 sets£2.56
Just tins240 sets£3.02
Just tins360 sets£4.10
Just tins480 sets£5.83

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