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Designer? We need you

Our mission is to have the largest range of Cali designs on the internet. We need the help of graphic designers to do it.

With 1000’s of different strains of cannabis that have been made already, there are plenty of fun and funky names to do designs for. and cannabis seed websites are a good place for inspiration for names to choose. There are many new strains being made every day too.

Upload your design to our website for FREE! Every time we print your design, you get paid some commission.

When your total outstanding balance reaches £50, for commissions older than 30 days, you get a payout via PayPal.

It’s that simple! Do the job once and get paid forever!

What you make on every purchase.

ProductPack sizeYour commission (including Sales Tax and VAT)
Tin stickers only8 sets£0.50
Tin stickers only40 sets£0.88
Tin stickers only72 sets£1.31
Tin stickers only288 sets£5.42
Tin stickers only1000 sets£13.50
Stickers and tins8 sets£0.67
Stickers and tins40 sets (most commonly sold)£2.69
Stickers and tins72 sets£3.56
Stickers and tins288 sets£6.05
Stickers and tins1000 sets£10.62

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